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Padel player sitting on court after game. Enjoying.



Our bags are designed to meet the needs of players who demand both style and functionality. With spacious compartments for all your gear, specialized racket and ball can pockets, and extra zippered pockets for quick access to your essentials, this bag has everything you need to stay organized and prepared on the court.




Padel bag

Introducing the DAIZ PADEL Premium padel bag – the essential choice for every padel player seeking the perfect combination of functionality and style. 

Made from high-quality materials, this bag is durable and resistant to the demands of frequent use. With adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, whether you're on foot or on a bike. 

Key Features:

Spacious Storage: The large central compartment offers ample space for storing your sports clothing, towels, and other essentials.


  • Racket Compartments: On both sides of the bag, you'll find specialized compartments that provide room for two padel rackets, protected against shocks and damage.


  • Ball Can Compartments: Three separate compartments are specially designed for storing ball cans, ensuring you always have enough balls on hand.


  • Shoe Compartment: The insulated shoe compartment at the front of the bag keeps your shoes separate from your other belongings, keeping everything clean and organized.


  • Extra Zippered Pockets: For items you want to access quickly, the bag offers plenty of extra zippered pockets. Ideal for your wallet, phone, keys, and other small items.

  • Measurements; 59cm x 35cm x 29CM

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