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Padel basket full of DAIZ PADEL padel balls


The Academy line is specifically for trainers and coaches, providing them with the high-quality materials and tools they need to take their players' skills to new heights. With our top-of-the-line equipment, you can trust that you have everything you need to elevate your game and achieve your padel goals.




Padel balls

The DAIZ PADEL Acadamy ball is a pressureless ball which is extremely suitable for trainers and coaches. By using a premium rubber core, the ball has a good bounce that lasts forever. The high quality felt ensures a precise feel when practising new strokes.

  • Weight: 56-59,4gr

  • Rebounce: 135 -145 cm

  • Diameter: 6.35-6.77cm


Ball basket

Constructed from high-quality materials, including aluminum and Oxford cloth, the DAIZ PADEL ball basket is built to withstand the demands of frequent use on the court. Its sturdy design and spacious interior ensure that trainers can keep their padel balls conveniently within reach during practice sessions.

  • Strong and sturdy 

  • Foldable


Pick-up tube

Constructed from durable materials, the DAIZ PADEL pick-up tube can hold up to 18 balls and features a simple yet effective mechanism that allows for swift ball retrieval. Simply press the tube over the ball, and the ball is effortlessly collected within the tube. This not only saves valuable time during practice sessions and matches but also reduces strain on the user's back and joints.

  • Picks up to 18 balls

  • Easily hang it on the fence at the court

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